Dedicated To Giving Back

To Front-Line Workers!

Utilizing incentive programs designed to enrich a nurse’s lifestyle and overall well-being!

FFN has been nominated for the Medical and Healthcare Professionals, Greatest Medical Minds award

Brian Paonessa

Brian Paonessa has over a decade’s experience in the fitness world. With a bachelor’s degree in health and wellness, Paonessa worked in gyms and wellness centers in some of New York’s most notable neighborhoods and had clientele throughout the city but felt like he was destined for something greater:

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What Is FFN

Fit Functional Nurses

At its core, Fit Functional Nurses (FFN) is dedicated to giving back to front-line workers; those who dedicate their lives to others before themselves.
Utilizing incentive programs designed to enrich a nurse’s lifestyle and overall well-being for the care, dedication, and compassion they provide to others.

FFN hopes a little recognition, appreciation, and experiences outside the
workplace will help balance the ever-growing number of burnt-out nurses physically, spiritually, and mentally.

One of the many goals of FFN is to help other nurses realize the need to create a solid work-life balance so they don’t end up making the same mistakes I have. I wouldn’t want any of my fellow nurses to go through what I went through.

It has taken me down paths that, quite frankly, I’m not proud of. I’m very grateful to have recognized after 6 years the negative outcomes of giving so much into my career.

Brian Paonessa


Nurse Knight

Nurse Knight

Las Vegas Golden Knight theme celebration for Nurses / first responders for all of their hard work and dedication, as well as the covid-19 pandemic.

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Giving Back To Nurses

Giving Back To Nurses

Brian Paonessa has made a life’s mission of getting nurses the recognition they deserve as the new American Heroes. Based in Mountain View Hospital in Las Vegas, Brian decided to...

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