FFN has donated $1800 amount of money for the Vegas Golden Knights foundation.

The Vegas Golden Knights Foundation supports the Las Vegas community and local non-profits that make a difference every day via partnerships, community programming and direct grants. These initiatives are funded through financial donations and various programming throughout the year. As Las Vegas’ first major professional sports team, the Vegas Golden Knights recognize and embrace our duty to strengthen and inspire our community.

Our players, coaches, staff, and fans enthusiastically work each day to inspire the Las Vegas community and become agents of growth and change.

Foundation Areas of Focus

The Golden Knights Foundation prioritizes its support through the following initiatives in the Las Vegas Community:

Education & Youth Sports: Fostering the growth of Las Vegas youth through K-12 public school programs and initiatives with an emphasis is youth sports and activities. Military & First Responders: Securing the future of Las Vegas military, first responders, and their families, especially those who have suffered a sacrifice for the greater good. Heath & Wellness: Making a positive sustainable and scalable impact on health and wellness in the community as well as fighting hunger and homelessness in Las Vegas by addressing their root causes.